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What's for lunch today?


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April 2016



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What's for lunch today?


If you follow us on Facebook, you would have already known that we held #Ayamhealthy campaign last month to encourage everyone to eat healthy by packing their own lunch to work!


Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to stay motivated to pack a healthy lunch every day. The first key to staying motivated is to keep your health goals a priority. Make a commitment to eat better because good health is priceless. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will know how important to have support from like-minded people.


That being said, thinking of ideas can be a challenge, we’ve selected a few of our participating entries for you to try out!



1.Tuna Mayonnaise Croissant




Oven-baked croissant stuffed with tuna mayonnaise and kiwi, nuff’ said.



2.Tuna Onagri




Satisfy your cravings for Japanese food with this homemade Tuna Onagri! Besides tasting great, it is also very convenient to take along as you do not need any cutlery!



 3. Tuna sushi and springrolls 





Pack these picnic-perfect tuna sushi and spring rolls and head outdoors for a refreshing gourmet treat!


 4.Grilled sardines sushi





Craving for grilled sardines sushi? No problem. Separate the sardines from the tomato sauce,gently slice the sardines into half before proceeding to debone them. Grill the sardines for 8 -10 minutes before placing it on top of the japanese rice.


Add a few drops of sesame oil into the tomato sauce and mix well! Dip your sushi into your tomato mix before eating!



5.Spicy sardines in tomato sauce with onions




Coupled with a warm bowl of steamed rice, this classic sardines in tomato sauce dish has been a comfort food to many.




 6.Chilli tuna with rice 





This super easy meal can be easily prepared within 10 minutes.



 7.Tuna fried rice with thai fish cake





What a treat! Pumpkin-salmon fried rice using Ayam Brand Salmon spread paired with thai fishcake made with Ayam Brand Curry Tuna.



8. Tuna and mushroom pasta




When time is short but you still want a nutritious meal, this is the go-to emergency quick meal recipe! Stir in a can of Ayam brand tuna and mushrooms with pasta, voila!




As a start, try packing your own lunch 1-2 days a week and allow yourself a few lunches out. There will definitely be days where you have a lunch appointment outside or have a craving you need to satisfy.



You are what you eat! Choose your food wisely.


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