High-Protein Lunches

Want to start eating healthier? Tired of spending money on an unsatisfying meal? Sick of the same ol’ lunch options?

If you’re looking to revamp your diet and save some money, bringing your own lunch is the way to go.
Consider preparing a lunch that is high in protein. Why? A high-protein midday meal is one method to beatthe post-lunch slump while still filling up your tummy and giving you enough fuel to get through the day.

Here are 5 of our favourite recipes that will have you raring to pack your own lunch to work. P.S. Be sure to use our Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a healthier choice and to get maximum flavour!

1. Sardines Japanese Fried Rice

Images 02This Sardines Japanese Fried Rice recipe is great for days when you have leftover rice and are looking for a new way to make fried rice.

This hearty meal is easy to prepare and delicious to boot. It’s a satisfying meal packed with sardines, prawns and eggs. The addition of pumpkin and dried bonito adds a different twist; this isn’t the usual fried rice you can get from the food court!

Plus, you’ll get a dose of important nutrients such as heart-healthy fibre, calcium and magnesium.


2. Sardines Pasta

Images 03Pasta and seafood: how can you go wrong with that combination? You can’t!

Our Sardines Pasta recipe puts a new spin on tomato-based pasta, and it’s perfect for those who love seafood pasta. With only 7 ingredients in the recipe, this meal can be quickly prepared and packed as lunch for the entire family. Our recipe serves 2, so simply double the recipe if needed.

Using wholegrain pasta ups the nutrition factor in this meal that provides you with lots of protein as well as minerals such as calcium, selenium and phosphorus.


3. Baked Beans and Tuna Rice

Images 04Instead of going for nasi Padang or zi char for lunch, how about trying this combination of baked beans and tuna rice? This meal can be prepared in one pan, which makes cleaning up super quick when you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

This recipe uses Ayam Brand baked beans and Ayam Brand tuna flakes, added to rice, butter and chopped onions and chopped spring onions. What a simple yet nutritious mix! The tuna provides protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. The baked beans are another source of protein and also contain iron, which is much needed for those who eat less meat in their diet.


4. Penne Baked Beans Bolognese

Images 05This pasta recipe will have everyone in the office salivating!

If you’ve never tried adding baked beans to your bolognese sauce, now’s the time to try it. Our recipe incorporates beef and baked beans in the pasta sauce for a taste that is extra-delicious and contains a hefty dose of protein.

To save time, you can prepare the bolognese sauce the night before and then add it to the penne pasta before baking in the oven for 15 minutes. This meal is brimming with B complex vitamins, dietary fibre and zinc.


5. Tomato Salad with Sardines

Images 06For a lighter lunch option, this tomato salad hits the spot.

Our recipe for tomato salad with sardines is so hassle-free that you can even prepare it in your office pantry. All you need is some greens, tomatoes, peppers and Ayam Brand Sweet Corn.

Add in Ayam Brand Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and finish with the salad dressing of your choice. Within minutes, you have a healthy and tasty meal.

The addition of our Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds a punch of flavour and much-needed protein, calcium and omega 3. Plus, it contains zero trans fat!



Ayam Brand products can be found at all leading supermarkets and hypermarts.


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