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Do you know why salmon is so good?


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Do you know that salmon is considered a superfood because it is full of nutrients, packed with high-quality protein, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals? It is also one of the richest food with omega 3 fatty acids!
All those great qualities may have come from the salmon’s way of living. These fishes are born in fresh water and spend their early life in the river. When they reach maturity, the salmons will swim out to the sea where they spend the rest of their adulthood.
It is at the sea where the salmons gain most of their body mass and fats which makes them so savory!
The salmons will then return back to the river to spawn.

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Salmon Spread Toast in Avocado Sauce


May recipe



1 can Salmon Spread with Mayonnaise 160g
1/2 piece Avocado
1/2 cup Corn
2 teaspoons Butter
4 pieces Bread
Trace Black Pepper



1. Cut Avocado. Cross cut it and take out spoonfuls of it.
2. Mix salmon spread with black pepper, corn and avocado.
3. Spread the bread with butter. Bake it in a toaster until golden yellow.
4. Spread the salmon spread onto the toast. Cut and it is ready to serve.





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