Holiday cooking with kids!


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May 2016




5 delicious recipes you can make with your kids! 


School holidays are just round the corner. As parents, it can be difficult to plan – finding something that will keep them entertained, while at the same time doing something that is appealing for yourself is never easy. Shift the focus away from TV or laptops this holiday. Try cooking and encouraging your children to join you in the kitchen!

We believe in teaching cookery skills from a young age,from slicing vegetables to frying an egg. More importantly, it offers opportunities for more family time and improves parent-child communication.

Building memories and important life skills is easy when you make it a frequent family event. One of the best gifts during holidays is to spend quality time with your family.We’ve selected a few simple recipes, go give it a shot and send us some pictures of your creation!

1.Assam laksa

asam laksa


You can use fresh fish but for convenience, we prefer to use canned sardines in tomato sauce. An unorthodox substitution that is absolutely delicious!

2.Chili tuna curry puff



Sardine puff is one of our favorite snacks! Plus, preparing the sardine filling takes only half the time and effort compared to regular curry puff. Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds.

 3. Sardines Otak Otak



This homemade version is delicious and so much healthier compared to the ones sold in the market. You got to try it to believe it!

 4.Nonya curry chicken



We did all the hard work for you by blending all the ingredients together to create the perfect mix. All you have to do is pour in this jar of goodness, coconut milk and chicken into a pot to simmer. Voila!

5.Coconut ice cream



This ice cream is perfect for everyone; it is dairy free making it vegan, paleo, and gluten free! 

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