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Get creative with Ayam Brand’s Tuna !


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Ayam Brand is known to carry a wide range of tuna flavours for our consumers to choose from. However, do you know how to use them? This month, find out how to use some of our 4 most popular tuna flavors!



Tuna sandwich 150gTuna Sandwich flakes in Oil light: Very ideal for cooking, as the sunflower oil is healthier than the common cooking oil, and can be used to stir-fry your dish without adding any more oil. Get a recipe here!





Chilli Tuna: with 4 chilli padi in the tuna, chili lovers will definitely love it! Mix with fried rice, vermicelli or simply eat it with bread to satisfy your cravings for something spicy yet healthy! Get a recipe here!




Tuna FlakesinwaterLight 150g


Tuna Flakes in Water Light : Blend the tuna with your own recipe, or simply eat it with salads or cook it with any dishes. Get a recipe here!




Tuna Omega3 150g


Tuna Omega 3 is made with pure 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Taste the fragrance of tuna flakes in high quality olive oil. Get a recipe here!





Roasted Rice Paste with Tuna


Roasted Rice Paste with Tuna



Serve 2 


1can Ayam Brand Tuna Light Flakes in Water
2 bowls Japanese sushi rice
2 tablespoons Sushi vinegar
1/2 cup Corn
50g Soured ginger slices
3 tablespoon Sesame



1. Cook sushi rice and use a wooden paddle to make the rice fluffy. Cool down and stir well with sushi vinegar.

2. Drain tuna. Dice the soured ginger. Add in corn and stir well.

3. Put one tablespoon of tuna at the center of the 1/4 bowl of rice. Shape the rice into a ball shape with tuna filling. Sprinkle it with sesame.

4. Pan-fry the rice paste until golden yellow. Dish up and serve.




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