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September 2016

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healthy heart, healthy you!


For the month of September, we collaborated with Singapore Heart Foundation to create a few easy recipes that are not only heart-healthy but also fun to prepare! It takes little to no time at all. They are full of amazing ingredients and contain no nasty additives! Oh, and it’s good for you too, dig in!

1. Microwave Sardine Frittata


Packed with protein, fiber and omega 3…this quick and easy frittata is great for a quick lunch or busy midweek meal!

 2. Sweet Potato with Tuna Salsa


Apart from its natural sweetness, sweet potatoes also contain a range of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Potassium and Dietary Fibre. Add in your choice of heart-healthy fatty fish to complete the dish!

 3. Sardines Tortilla Pizza


The easiest pizza recipe within 15 minutes! All you really need is 1 wholemeal tortilla wrap, sardines and any fresh vegetables you have in your fridge. Perfect pizza fix in a hurry!

 4. Tuna Brown Rice Salad 


A wholesome bowl filled with veggies, good fats, protein and a loads of flavor! For a healthier option, it is important to go for high quality wild caught tuna that is packed with olive oil or water only.

 5.Tuna Zoodles with Garlic-Sesame


A heart-healthy, guilt-free lunch! We recommend using fatty fishes like tuna and sardines as they contain omega-3 fatty acids that can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease!

 6.Sardines-Egg Bread Cup


A really simple dish, perfect for a nice and comforting snack on a cold day. 10 minutes is all you need for a piping hot meal. We recommend a warm cup of tea to go along!

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