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6 Science-Backed Reasons To Eat More Sardines

If you ask your family and friends what their favourite fish is, chances are few of them would answer "sardines". We think these small fish are underappreciated. They can be found both fresh and canned, and are easy to cook.

Well, this humble fish-in-a-can actually packs a mighty punch, and we’re big fans of them. To win you over to#TeamSardines, here are 6 reasons (backed by science, for extra persuasive power) to eat more sardines:

1. Sardines are full of the type of fat you want: omega 3 fatty acids

Images 02One tip to stay healthy is to lower your consumption of fat. But not all fat is bad! Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the good fats that you should include in your diet, and sardines are a natural source of them.

Omega 3 has numerous health benefits. For instance, it helps to lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood, and has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for your heart health.

To get your weekly dose of Omega 3, simply add 100g of Ayam Brand Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to one of your meals.


2. Sardines are rich in protein

Protein is essential for any diet, and is especially important if you’re working out with the aim of building muscle. Exercise involves the breakdown and rebuilding of our muscle fibers and protein is crucial to that process.

Protein also gives you that satisfying feeling in your stomach, making you feel full for longer with lower calories consumed.

If you usually reach for meats or other seafood as your source of protein, give sardines a chance! A single serving (70g) of Ayam Brand Sardines provides you with 11.4g of protein.

3. Canned sardines are actually better than fresh sardines!

Images 03This fact may seem counterintutive but it is true. Our Ayam Brand Sardines include flesh, bones and skin (we've gutted them for you!), which means you get the goodness of almost the whole fish.

Our canning process makes the sardines bones so soft that you can eat them. Sardines bones are an excellent source of calcium!




4. Sardines help prevent free radical damage

Selenium is a mineral that most of households aren’t familiar with, but it’s essential for our health. Among other things, it has antioxidant qualities, helps to protect our organs against free radical damage, and supports thyroid function.

One can of sardines can supply about 80% of your daily selenium needs.

5. Like the sun, sardines are a source of Vitamin D

These days, most of us spend our time in our comfortable, air-conditioned offices and get less exposure to the sun. This means less Vitamin D, which can affect the strength your bones and contribute to other health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Instead of taking vitamin supplements, try including sardines into your diet. Just 100g of sardines will account over over 60% of your daily Vitamin D needs.

6. Sardines have a low impact on the ecology and environment

Good news for those of us concerned about the environmental sustainability of the food we consume: sardines pass the test! Sardines are considered one of the most sustainable and abundant sources of fish in the ocean. The Monterey Bay Aquarium places sardines on their Super Green List, which means they are ethically farmed and/or caught, while providing excellent health benefits.

Images 04As a fish that is low on the food chain, sardines are less likely to contain mercury and other pollutants compared to other bigger fish that we eat.

With these facts in hand, be sure to start incorporating sardines into your weekly meal plans. Just pick up a can of our Ayam Brand Sardines at all leading supermarkets and hypermarts and enjoy these health benefits!

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