No Mercury Worry

Big marine predators like shark, whale, swordfish and some big tuna species may contain traces of methyl mercury because the mercury concentrations increase at the top of the food chain.

Ayam Brand™ selects only small size fishes from two species of tuna: skipjack and small yellowfin.
Because the selected tuna are relatively small, they are naturally unlikely to concentrate mercury like big size predators.

Notwithstanding the tuna selection, Ayam Brand™, for the total peace of mind of its tuna consumers, sends each and every batch of its tuna production for mercury analysis by an independent laboratory.

Ayam Brand™ makes sure that its tuna productions comply with the most stringent food safety regulations in the world.

Ayam Brand™ also recommends reading the following advice on fish consumption, done the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand:


Yes. In general, it is safe for all population groups, including pregnant women, to consume 2-3 serves of any type of tuna per week (canned or fresh).
Canned tuna generally has lower levels of mercury than other tuna because the tuna used for canning are smaller species that are generally caught when less than 1 year old. Fsanz has calculated that it is safe for all population groups to consume a snack can of tuna (95 grams) everyday, assuming no other flsh is eaten. But remember, the australian dietary guidelines recommend that a variety of foods be consumed.»


Please check out also Ayam Brand™ tuna sustainability policy.

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